Kawazu Kazuyo
Originally from Tokyo, 13 years in England and currently based in France. Trilingual in French, English and Japanese.  Has translation experiences in  IT, Games and Technologies, Tourism and general affairs.  Since I work for Dennis's project, I'm learning alot and it's a great opportunity to promote awareness of the importance of the stem cell research. I would like to contribute as much as I can. 

Hirukawa Natsu
After experiencing as a translator and an interpreter in the industries of insurance, advertisement, tobacco and others based in Tokyo, I am currently based in London. I undertake translation and interpretation in various fields such as research papers on psychology, literature, etc., disaster management business, and others. I also study screen writing and play writing on a MA course, so I am interested in entertainment and art. I hadn't been familiar with research on cure for paralysis, but I would like to study hard to deliver good translation.  


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